Avoid Future Hazards

Lakeside engineering continually works on multiple hazardous materials projects along with partnering firms for projects such as asbestos, lead, mold, PCB’s, indoor air quality (IAQ), tank closures, and brownfield site mitigation.

A common environmental service we provide is remedial design for hazardous materials. This often includes: abatement drawings & specifications, engineering oversight, peer reviews, and environmental compliance.

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Why Is Hazardous Material Design Important?

Almost every building or structure contains hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, mold, mercury and others. The risk of these materials becoming airborne during maintenance checks, construction builds, renovations, and demolitions, is a very serious health hazard that must be avoided.

Lakeside Engineering can help with the identification of these materials with a thorough Hazardous Material Design Review.

Our Process

Step 1

Get started with a Project Inquiry today, or fill out our Project Survey→ to tell us about your project

Step 2

Based on your project type, we will provide you with a custom proposal that outlines the scope of services required to bring your project from start to finish

Step 3
Site Visit

We will visit the project site to analyze site conditions, record accurate dimensions, and collect the necessary photography to ensure your project goes smoothly throughout the process

Step 4

We'll then begin the project design, including drafting and performing the structural calculations required to complete your project

Step 5

You'll get the final say on your project with a clear opportunity for changes, revisions, or requests before project completion

Step 6

Once you are satisfied, our Licensed Professional Engineer will stamp and certify your project


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