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Drone & Building Scanning Services

Our Drone Usage

Lakeside Engineering utilizes the latest in drone technology and software as a tool to facilitate design needs, aerial imaging, site mapping/surveying across all of our projects including residential, commercial, and environmental.

Our pilots are all FAA approved under 14 CFR Part 107 and make safety their number one priority and fly under the FAA's "Summary of Small UnmannedAircraft Rule (Part 107).

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How do Engineers Use Drone Imaging?

The latest Drone technology allows engineers to provide a wide array of services including:

  • Three dimensional surface creation and output files for machine control equipment used by site contractors
  • Topographic surveys through the use of ground control points (GCP)
  • Earthwork takeoffs during bidding and construction
  • Construction site progress monitoring through the use of three dimensional models and aerial photography
  • Thermal building envelop scans for heat loss, roof scans for moisture, and electrical systems for heat loads
  • Aerial photography shot in high resolution 4K
  • High resolution ortho mosaic aerial imagery "stitched together"
  • Highly accurate takeoffs for residential and commercial roofs
  • Emergency Management Plans for government and educational institutions

Plus, georeferenced aerial maps shot in 4K high resolution for use in:

  • Pipeline Planning, Permitting, and Construction
  • Town Planning Departments
  • Facility Management
  • Disaster Surveys
  • Site Design and Site Planning
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Stormwater and Dam Inspections
  • Building/Bridge Inspection
  • Site As-Build/Record Drawings

Building Scan Services

Lakeside Engineering utilizes the latest in building scan technology and software as a tool to facilitate project planning, documentation, design, and as-built conditions across all our projects including residential, commercial, and educational institutions. We utilize two of the Matterport Pro2 cameras capturing a complete 3D model of interior building spaces.

How Engineers Use
Matterport in Practice:

The latest building scan technology allows our engineers to provide a wide array of services including:

  • Building collaboration for planning, design, and construction
  • The ability to capture a tremendous amount of existing condition or as-built data
  • Revit and AutoCAD models. Matterport output files integrates seamlessly with SketchUp, Revit, AutoCAD, and other BIM software
  • Highly accurate existing condition floorplan generation
  • Colorized 3D point cloud data sets
  • 3D mesh files (OBJ) including texturing
  • Reflective ceiling plan generation
  • Maintenance planning by documenting what is behind walls, floors, and ceilings prior to covering
  • Complete project documentation and 3D building walk through
  • The ability to take unlimited project measurements and perform quantity takeoffs
  • Replace thousands of photos by capturing all imagery and data at once

Our Process

Step 1

Get started with a Project Inquiry today, or fill out our Project Survey→ to tell us about your project

Step 2

Based on your project type, we will provide you with a custom proposal that outlines the scope of services required to bring your project from start to finish

Step 3
Site Visit

We will visit the project site to analyze site conditions, record accurate dimensions, and collect the necessary photography to ensure your project goes smoothly throughout the process

Step 4

We'll then begin the project design, including drafting and performing the structural calculations required to complete your project

Step 5

You'll get the final say on your project with a clear opportunity for changes, revisions, or requests before project completion

Step 6

Once you are satisfied, our Licensed Professional Engineer will stamp and certify your project


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