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Lakeside Engineering provides a wide array of commercial engineering services for every business and property owner's needs. We bring expansive knowledge and experience in engineering design, construction, and real estate.

Popular commercial engineering projects include:

Offering practical and responsive design and consulting solutions for all of our client's needs.

  • Commercial Renovations & Expansions (Residential/Apartments & Businesses)
  • Commercial Site Design (Parking spaces, Grading, Stormwater Management, Retaining Walls, Site Improvements)
  • New Commercial Design (Industrial, Warehousing, Restaurants, Retail, etc.)
  • Historical Preservation (SHPO Review & Design, Grant Consulting & Management)
  • Code Analysis and Life Safety Evaluations (Fire Suppression, Fire Alarm, Egress)
  • Permitting and Feasibility Studies
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Commercial Services

No matter what your project entails, Lakeside Engineering is committed to sustainable design practices to ensure cost effective considerations, energy conservation, and environmental/historical preservation.

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