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Building Expansions

Looking to expand your building?

Lakeside Engineering can help facilitate your vision and provide a smooth and simple process to get you there.

We work with you to navigate your needs and desires while providing properly and structurally sound design that is code and energy compliant.

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What Goes Into Expanding a Building

Developing a successful building expansion starts with the use and goals of the proposed project. Determining the function and occupancy while applying a focus on ergonomics will guide the necessary sequencing of the expansion.

Lakeside Engineering helps navigate the process and develops an expansion plan that is practically and economically effective.

What to Consider In A Proposed Expansion or Renovation

When considering an expansion it is best to analyze the use of the space. Determining utilization of the space will ultimately drive the return on investment and lead to a successful project. We focus on ergonomics of the intended use and your project needs to develop a basis of the design.

Several reasons an expansion or renovation may be warranted:

  • Growing Business - As your business grows additional space may be required to accommodate much needed office and/or workspace.
  • Storage - As a necessity to continue profitability a business may be in need to expand the amount of inventory and product they hold. An expansion or addition of the facility may be required.
  • Maximizing Existing Space - Renovating an existing space may maximize the current use of space in your facility or building. By properly laying out and ergonomically designing the space the opportunity to gain useful space may be advantageous.
  • Upgrading Existing Space - As existing facilities and buildings age the cost of maintenance begins to increase rapidly. Renovating your facility or building can make economical sense by upgrading energy efficiency and repairs to building components such as roofs.

With an expansion will come financial commitment, time, and approvals from applicable agencies. We will help navigate the process while providing an economical and practical design to meet value add on the project.

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Our Process

Step 1

Get started with a Project Inquiry today, or fill out our Project Survey→ to tell us about your project

Step 2

Based on your project type, we will provide you with a custom proposal that outlines the scope of services required to bring your project from start to finish

Step 3
Site Visit

We will visit the project site to analyze site conditions, record accurate dimensions, and collect the necessary photography to ensure your project goes smoothly throughout the process

Step 4

We'll then begin the project design, including drafting and performing the structural calculations required to complete your project

Step 5

You'll get the final say on your project with a clear opportunity for changes, revisions, or requests before project completion

Step 6

Once you are satisfied, our Licensed Professional Engineer will stamp and certify your project


Considering a Building Expansion?

We’re ready to help.
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